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Virtel Web Integration

Create interactive bidirectional connections that integrate host and web applications

Web Integration ibm 3270 applications

When it comes to integrating mainframe and web applications through web services, you won't find a better blend of simplicity, flexibility, performance, low resource consumption, scalability, and low TCO than Virtel.


Virtel quickly and simply integrates host applications such as CICS® and IMS with server-based technologies through interactive bidirectional connections, typically SOAP, RESTful and MQ services that consume 3270 transactions. Virtel can expose the host transactions either through their legacy screen UI or through a COMMAREA if/when the screen UI is removed:

  • No code change when reusing screen UI
  • Allows retaining the business logic while eliminating the screen UI
  • Supports REST, HTML, XML, SOAP, MQ, PHP, JSON and more
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Superior performance and scalability in a small host footprint
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Virtel extends the relevance of - and investment in - legacy host applications.


Typical Virtel Web Integration applications include:

  • Incoming web services: expose host assets to a WebSphere, WebLogic or other web portal
  • Outgoing web services: enable CICS and IMS applications to issue outgoing SOAP web service calls with minimal impact on host application code
  • Batch/Web integration: support interactive bidirectional XML connections between host applications and web
  • PHP integration: integrate CICS and IMS applications with PHP servers
  • SNA/IP migration: replace unsupported SNA/3745 connections with TCP/IP
  • Financial EDI: automate format and protocol conversion (e.g. CBCOM, CB2A, AMEX, EBICS, OSI, non-OSI, EMV, and SEPA) between COBOL host applications (e.g. CICS, IMS) and remote financial institutions
  • Large data transfers: support exchange of large (over 32KB) data blocks between host and web applications
  • Application interoperability: enable cooperative processing between host and web applications through interactive bidirectional data exchanges


The architecture of VIRTEL relies upon the following design principles:

  • Shorter instruction paths result in superior performance, efficiency, and scalability
  • Fewer components or layers result in simpler and stronger connections
  • Strict use of open standards results in increased solutions longevity


Virtel is an agile middleware to connect host applications to the Web. It interfaces with:

  • Host applications via their 3270 screens or COMMAREA
  • The Web via HTTP/S, SMTP, or custom IP connections

Virtel converts host application data into rich web pages and standardized web services.


  • Serves 3270 transactions as web pages or web services
  • Nothing to install or support outside the host
  • Instant deployment: simply point client web browsers to pre-defined URL
  • Works with any browser or platform including mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), Apple products, and new versions of Windows
  • Concurrently serves different presentations to different users (3270 TE, WUI/GUI, mobile UI)
  • Supports any web service protocol and format: RESTful, XML, JSON, SOAP, MQ Series, etc.
  • Low impact and low risk: no application or transaction server change
  • High performance and small host footprint result in highly scalable solutions
  • Simple host-centric configuration and support result in low TCO and early ROI

Virtel Web Integration datasheet

Virtel Web Access 3270 screen emulator Datasheet

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